About the island of Alonissos

       Alonissos is the smallest of the North Sporades islands and is located 2 nautical miles east of its closest neighbour  Skopelos.  The island has a population of approximately 2500 permanent residents. However during the summer the population doubles. The island combines traditional architecture fused with picturesque scenery and modern infrastructure. What is more, potential visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of the local cuizine which includes everything from home-made cheese pies to lobster spaggeti and stuffed squid. Alonissos is the ideal destination when tranquility and relaxation are sought.

       The island of Alonissos was initially called "Ikos". Tradition holds that the Cretans,with the mythical hero Staphylos as their leader, established colonies on Peparithos(Skopelos) and on Ikos, in the 16th century B.C.during the Minoan domination of the Aegean Sea. The Minoan colony later acquired a Mycenean character. The Mycenean city stood on the site today known as Kokkinokastro, on the easter side of the island. However, it is historically ascertained that the Geometric period finds Ikos under the domination of the Dolopes.In time the Dolopes turned in to dangerous pirates and became the scourge of the Aegean. The Athenian navy later on set out to confront them, under the leadership of Cimon, who routed them and annexed all the islands to Athens. Thus, in 476 B.C. the island joins the first Athenian Alliance. During the classical period Ikos must have contained two cities. one of them was probably located at Kokkinokastro, where ruins of the wall remain till today and the other one on the site where the Village of Horio or Old Alonissos stands today. During this period the island was renowned for its vineyards and its exceptional wine.

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